Exhibition at Kalmar Konstmuseum (art museum)

„Irrational Times” is a Polish-Swedish exhibition of contemporary design based on found similarities in Slavic and Swedish culture, observed through saved elements of material culture as well as legends and myths from 6th to 10th century of our era. The objects exhibited are created by Petra Lilja Design studio based in Sweden and Kosmos Project studio based in Poland. The curatorial team is working on the project by leading constant dialogue, and is made of polish curator Magdalena Popławs

Hjemelighed – exhibition in Copenhagen

As a guest exhibitor, Petra Lilja showed three objects made from straw at the the exhibition Hjemelighed in Copenhagen. The exhibition brought together various artists, designers and crafts people during the biannual craft event Kunsthåndverksbiennalen in town. The straw objects are a touch down in Petra's phase of getting to know straw as material. Part of the research was the discovery of the hanging mobiles called "oro" (worry), an old traditional model common in farm houses in the south

Helsinki Design Week

Petra Lilja (SE) Hugdetta (IS) and Aalto+Aalto (FI) launched cabinet designs at Helsinki Design Week, Sept. 2015. The cabinets are the second object to be mashed up by the designers in their common project 1+1+1 Nordic Mash Up. The first part (lamps) was launched earlier this year at Design March in Reykjavik. Check out the movie!

Map of the New Art, Venice

Petra Lilja is part of the exhibition Map of the New Art, Imago Mundi, showing in Venice Italy. The Swedish collection, Archive of visions and actions, is curated by Paula von Seth and on display at Cini Foundation August 31 - November 1, 2015. Link to artwork

Emerging Tendencies in Scandinavian Design

The exhibition Emerging Tendencies in Scandinavian Design is an exhibition curated by Swedish designer and curator Petra Lilja. In cooperation with the Embassies of Sweden and Finland in Romania, the exhibition is displayed during the Romanian Design Week, an annual event in Bucharest that promote design and architecture. May 16th to 24th, 2015.   The exhibition shows a selection of design objects that represent three strong tendencies in the contemporary Scandinavian design scene: de