The Lamp – a designer’s rights

This lamp has become somewhat of a hallmark for Malmö, and it’s been around for more than 10 years now. Over the years the lamp’s been placed around the city and it has gotten attention from many citizens and tourists, also through articles, folders printed by the City of Malmö and it even got to travel to an international fair! The only name mentioned in conjunction with this lamp is the light designer Johan Moritz of Malmö Stad. A person who was not at all involved in the ideation, design or production of it. It’s a fact that during all these years the City of Malmö and the affected employees has made an active choice to withhold the originators of the lamp. Why?

The idea and concept was created by myself and architect Jonas Olsson on request from and in dialogue with Karin Karlsson at the City of Malmö. Karin got the commission to create an installation for the city, from Per Alexandersson who at the time was head of the so called Arrangemangsenheten at the City of Malmö. Set designer Lina Sporrong worked on the production and Karin was the producer. The City of Malmö’s department Gatukontoret owns the lamp, it was designed as a commission

The reason I write about this, is that I find it important to fight disrespect of my profession.

The lamp story is a sad example of how big organisations and individual employees take advantage over designers and by doing so show great disrespect of the individuals involved.  I see it not so much an attack against my person or my involved colleagues, rather on a bigger scale, where this serves as an example of disrespect of the skills, know-how and craftsmanship involved in our professions.


Lokaltidningen, January 2017

lampan_Susanne Nilsson

The Lamp in Malmö. Copy right free photo by Susanne Nilsson.

Idea: Jonas Olsson, architech, Petra Lilja, designer, Karin Karlsson, project manager

Production: Lina Sporrong

Producer: Karin Karlsson